2019 OHSAA In-Service Referee Training Classes

Starts at 7 pm; continues to approximately 8:45 pm


7-31-2019 Wed After State Mtg Rule Changes Review CCC West G-4 A/B John Kipp
8-4-19 Sun. 7 PM Pre-Game CCC West Room C239A Mark Martin
8-11-19 Sun. 7 PM 212 Degree Refereeing CCC West Room C239A Brian Miller
8-18-19 Sun. 7 PM Learning from My Mistakes CCC West Room C239A Darrell Clay
8-25-19 Sun. 7 PM Coaches Session CCC West Room C239A Pamela Malone & Ben Dotson
9-22-19 Sun. 7 PM Soft Skills: “AWARENESS” CCC West Room A223 Ron Stuver
9-29-19 Sun. 7 PM Boys / Girls – Managing the Game CCC West Room A223 Cheri Clifford/ Ryan Slack
10-6-19 Sun. 7 PM Running your Game Successfully CCC West Room A223 Ryan Slack
10-13-19 Sun. 7 PM Tournament Rules CCC West Room A223 John Kipp




Meeting roll will close after 10 minutes from the scheduled start time. You are welcome to attend, but if late more than 10 minutes you will not get meeting credit. You must attend a minimum of FOUR Local meetings to be eligible for tournament assignments and to keep your OHSAA permit.

PLEASE PARK IN LOT “A” ONLY – By Health & Sciences ‘A’ Wing